Another imaginative rendering of the Cloverfield beast, posted with the usual “have no clue but amusing to consider” assurances. This guy is obviously another cousin of Godzilla. The big fat tail and the thorns and the nail-claws. I love the extended insect-neck. I just don’t understand how a guy like this can create huge thermal fireballs that can be seen from Bridgeport, Connecticut.

If this is what the damn thing looks like (and again, this illustration may be a cheap joke drawn by some geek sitting in an internet cafe in Anchorage), it could obviously be a guy-in-a-monster-suit monster. Could Cloverfield be, in essence, a high-tech, handheld-video version of a Toho monster film from the mid ’60s?
My favorite Toho monster was a Godzilla from the late ’60s that had white eyeballs and dark iris-pupils (like Merian C. Cooper‘s King Kong) that would occasionally roll around and show emotions like exasperation (directed at those pesky jet fighters shooting him with missiles) or anger when a competing monster would challenge him to a fight in Tokyo Bay.