“Quentin works when he wants to,” Harvey Weinstein says to Anne Thompson in her latest Variety column. “There’s no pressure from us to work at all. It’s better when he’s excited about something. He blends his life and his art. He’s not a journeyman director. He doesn’t have to make a movie every year.”

No pressure? Wanton unstructured types like Tarantino secretly crave it deep down. If Harvey and brother Bob were able to somehow force Tarantino to crank out a movie every eighteen months or two years (instead of one every three or four years, which is his average so far), it would check his natural wank-off tendencies and shape him into being a much more commanding and refined filmmaker. This discipline might even goad him into writing and directing something that’s not a knockoff or a genre riff. (I know, I know — we’re talking about Tarantino here.)