World of Reel‘s Jordan Ruimy, who’s previously posted good info about various Cannes Film Festival tremors, is reporting that Joel Coen’s The Tragedy of Macbeth, a black-and-white smarthouse drama costarring Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington, has been screened for Cannes honcho Thierry Fremaux.

Ruimy: “Whether it actually makes it to Cannes is a whole ‘nother story since Apple TV, which recently bought the rights to the film, may want to wait it out for the fall festivals.”

HE retort: Although the Apple deal was announced just a few days ago (5.12), negotiations with Apple had certainly been ongoing and perhaps had been finalized for a while before this. The idea of debuting the film at July’s Cannes festival couldn’t have been a secret to anyone involved. Why show it to Fremaux if interested parties weren’t open to the idea?

Here’s a 4.13.20 summary of a 30-minute video interview given by Joel Coen and Frances McDormand about The Tragedy of Macbeth. The piece is from The Film Stage‘s Jordan Raup.

I’ve been a huge fan of Polanski’s Macbeth for nearly all my moviegoing life.