Compared to the 1954 original, it’s quite obvious that the new Godzilla in the 5.16 Warner Bros. release is plus-sized. This has been noticed and complained about by Japanese fans. The visual evidence is irrefutable. It’s almost certainly an allusion (subconscious or otherwise) to the obesity levels in this country, which have gone through the roof over the last two or three decades. Are you telling me that designing a fat Godzilla was…what, arbitrary?

Current version in Gareth Edwards’ film

Original model in 1954 Gojira.

Update: Earlier today Miami Herald critic Rene Rodriguez asked Godzilla director Gareth Edwards about Godzilla’s excess tonnage, and this is Edwards’ reply: “I don’t think he’s fat. He’s just big-boned. Plus he’s middle-aged. You tend to get a little bulky.”