TMZ and RadarOnline reported yesterday that on 4.28 Ben Affleck was allegedly banned for life from playing blackjack at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Affleck’s crime was counting cards, i.e., “advantage play” and/or “moving his money with the count.” Big deal. What got me was a sentence about “the 41-year-old actor [being] in Las Vegas earlier this week with wife Jennifer Garner so the pair could spend some quality time together before he heads off to Detroit to film the new Batman movie.” If there’s one place a married couple can’t find quality time under any circumstance, it’s Las Vegas. That toxic Vegas vibe I’ve written about several times is based upon attracting the most wasteful, emotionally immature, physically unattractive, spiritually undeveloped people in the universe 24/7. What husband or wife says to the other, “Hey, honey, we need to hit Vegas together so we can settle down and just be with each other and be gentle and intimate and nourish our marriage“?