Does anyone care about anything going on at Comic-Con? Like, at all? Scott Pilgrim vs. The Shallowness? Okay, a new Tron Legacy trailer with a de-aged Jeff Bridges — fine. And a forthcoming Brad Pitt zombie movie called World War Z…great. Seven minutes of Machete previewed by Robert Rodriguez. It’s all toilet water. Just a Big Geek trailer-watch, walkaround, drink-in and schmoozathon.

I wish I could think of something else that will help to disparage and/or de-value Comic-Con, which I regard as Command Central for the end-of-the-world deconstruction, infantilization and general mongrelization of movies, including the absolute total ruination of action scenes. In my dreams I am part of an Apocalypse Now helicopter attack on Comic-Con, coming in from the sea to the strains of Richard Wagner and strafing the geeks. Eat death, you whiskered fat-asses with your man shorts and ugly-ass corporate T-shirts!