This photo of Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio (apparently) taking a break from Revolutionary Road filming is so crisp and beautiful that it makes me wish that the film itself had been shot in black-and-white. I’m very interested in seeing this Cheeveresque period drama, but I’d be 50% more cranked if the whole thing looked this way. Not as commercial, of course, but I’m a falling-down fool for monochrome.

Revolutionary Road costars Kate Winslet, Leonardo DiCaprio in a series of on-set photos posted by Alex Billington’s First

One of my journalistic dreams of the ’80s was to persuade a month magazine to let me write a column for them called “Hollywood Weltschmerz.” It was a fallback thing after my attempts to fund a monthly magazine called Nothing, a concept 10 to 15 years ahead of its time, led to nought.