I realized a few minutes ago that I’m either losing or have altogether lost the ability to process life on its own terms, or at the least that a tendency to absorb things from my compulsive columnist perspective is gaining the upper hand. From my bedroom window I was checking out a view of Cannes’ Old Town (i.e., “Le Suquet“) and the radiant blue sky and the rooftops with their century-old clay tiles, bathed in the bright afternoon light. As good as it gets. And then I tapped the windowsill with my left thumb. Yes, I’d just tried to zoom in on the view by tapping my Apple trackpad. Had to laugh.

There are other ways in which I’ve become distanced or disconnected from the simple organic reality of things. During last night’s Carol party I spent half my time tweeting, checking emails and double-checking recent posts. I don’t chit-chat as much as I used to, certainly not like I did in my drinking days. Robert D. Putmam‘s “Bowling Alone” is all about this. Then again I tell myself that I’m being more diligent and organized. I’m not that disturbed by this as it feels good to be on top of things, and professionally-speaking I’ve never been in a happier place than right now. On the other hand I wonder (like I just did ten minutes ago) who or what I’m becoming.

Either way my course is set. Traffic is good, off-season ads are happening. Go with it.