“The stock dismissal ‘more of the same’ has rarely been more accurately applied to a sequel than to The Hangover Part II,” writes Variety‘s Andrew Barker. Todd Phillips‘ sequel to the 2009 original “ranks as little more than a faded copy superimposed on a more brightly colored background…[it’s] rote professionalism verging on cynicism, and, despite some occasional sparks, a considerable disappointment.

“It should have been possible to revive the basic plot structure without slavishly reprising its every beat. This Hangover is longer than the first by two minutes, but at times it feels as though the two could be projected side-by-side in perfect synchronicity, with the only changes to many scenes being the location, the wardrobe and the addition of the word ‘again’ to the dialogue.”

In other words, it might have been a little less predictable if, say, a Mel Gibson cameo had been thrown in?

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Michael Rechtshaffen has more or less the same opinion.