With distributors doubtful about commercial potential and unwilling to cough up, the team behind the assembly and restoration of Orson Welles‘ unfinished The Other Side of the Wind has decided to go the Indiegogo route. They’re looking to raise $2 million by June. Hollywood Elsewhere has contributed $110, and I’m urging everyone who cares the least bit about Welles’ legacy to give whatever they can, but where’s “Beardo” Spielberg when you really need him? What’s the point of being worth $3.5 billion if you can’t shrug your shoulders and drop $500K when the final effort of one of the 20th Century’s greatest and most legendary filmmakers needs a little help? Best part of Brooks Barnes’ N.Y. Times story about the fundraising effort: “[Frank] Marshall, whose producing credits range from Raiders of the Lost Ark to the coming Jurassic World and [Peter] Bogdanovich said they had never even heard of Indiegogo when the service approached [producer Filip Jan] Rymsza in November.”