There isn’t a lot of wiggle room in predicting the winners of tomorrow night’s (or tomorrow afternoon’s if you’re attending a West Coast viewing party) Golden Globe awards. It’s gotta be Birdman for Best Picture, Comedy of Musical, and Michael Keaton for Best Actor, Comedy or Musical. The set-in-stone rigidity of Julianne Moore winning for Best Actress, Drama, for Still Alice…of course. Poor, sagging-against-the-ropes Selma hasn’t a chance of beating Boyhood for Best Picture, Drama. How can the Best Director award not be won by Boyhood‘s Richard Linklater or Birdman‘s Alejandro G. Inarritu? J.K. Simmons and Patricia Arquette for Best Supporting Actor and Actress…yaddah yaddah. The most welcome HFPA gesture would be to hand Birdman‘s Antonio Sanchez the Best Score award, which of course would dispute the Academy’s unfair decision to disqualify his all-percussion score because (ungracious, nickle-and-dime reasoning) the film uses a few classical music passages.