I’m suddenly reminded of a teaser-trailer for what I recall was a mid-to-late ’80s Arnold Schwarzenegger urban-revenge actioner called Raw Deal. I don’t even remember the film (does anyone?) but the teaser — or rather the ad copy, which delivered the basic punch –was beautiful.

It started out with a black screen and the following white-type words, crawlng down: “The system gave Schwarzenegger a raw deal.” Back to black…beat, beat, beat, beat…and then after at least a four- or five-second delay came the punch line: “Nobody gives Schwarzenegger a raw deal!”

I forget what came after and I don’t think it really mattered. I just remember that I laughed and said to myself, “That’s really great.”. The downside is that I may not have even seen the dang thing (probably because the reviews turned me off) but the teaser copy was a great pitch.