Sunday’s post about Steven Soderbergh finishing Che at lower Manhattan’s Post Works is “wrong,” a trustworthy tech guy says. “Not sure who led you down that road. They should get their shorts yanked.
“Both films are being finished at Technicolor,” he says. “Tim Stipan of Technicolor Creative Services New York did the DI, and the DCDM for Cannes is being done at Technicolor Creative Services in London. And Technicolor Madrid is doing the filmout and video mastering.”
Post Works, he says, was merely “given some work by Technicolor” that involved “doing some Quick Time files.” How demeaning! Technicolor, he says, has been working with Soderbergh since principal photography on the Che Guevara films. The two films, he adds, are being prepped for Cannes by Technicolor.