Just as a 5 pm screening of Paul Schrader‘s Dying of the Light was ending, the stories about Bill Cosby‘s latest and 15th accuser, Janice Dickinson, began to break. Three or four hours later the news broke about Netflix cancelling their Cosby special, which would have aired on 11.28. How many more women are going to come forward now? Are you telling me that NBC is going to go ahead with that new Cosby series in the wake of all this? Get outta here. The 77 year-old Cosby, who brought all this upon himself by his own hand (and particularly his own you-know-whatty), is about as finished as a once-high-riding, top-of-the-mountain superstar can be. 11.19, 10:45 am Pacific Update: It’s being reported that NBC has pulled the plug on Cosby’s planned series.