Falling Down is easily the best film that Joel Schumacher ever directed. (Or so I recall.) It couldn’t and wouldn’t be made for theatrical today, of course, and perhaps not even for streaming. Because no one today wants to sympathize with or feel a touch of mixed empathy for a middle-aged white guy under any circumstance, let alone one who feels he’s had enough and has begun to lose his ability to control himself.

At the same time no one would want to greenlight a film about a middle-aged POC (a Samuel L. Jackson or Idris Elba type) losing his shit and becoming a public menace. That would be too negative and/or against the current p.c. narrative. So those who might respond with interest or even perverse enjoyment to a Falling Down-type film will have to be content with the original, which opened over 26 years ago

It’s streaming on Amazon for a lousy $2.99.