Last night’s election results will ensure great Boehner arrogance and prolonged, head-splitting misery. As Huffpost analyst Sam Stein wrote early this morning, “If government seemed stalemated and futile before, the next two years will bring new meaning to deadlocked.” But the results weren’t entirely catastrophic. The corporate-fellating uglies now have the upper hand in the House of Representatives, but Democrats still have their U.S. Senate majority. And several righties were beaten.

In California Jerry Brown beat Meg Whitman, and Barbara Boxer whipped Carly Fiorina. Delaware Tea Party loon Christine O’Donnell was destroyed by Democrat Chris Coons. Sen. Harry Reid defeated Tea Party wacko Sharron Angle in Nevada. Denver’s Democratic mayor John Hickenlooper (i.e., the late George Hickenlooper‘s cousin) was elected Colorado governor. Ohio’s Nazi-reenacting Rich Iott went down to defeat.

“Exit polls found that nearly nine in ten voters believe the economy is in bad shape,” wrote Arianna Huffington. “The same percentage said they feel pessimistic about America’s economic future. And while a large majority of voters still believe that George Bush is to blame for getting us into this mess, they are clearly holding Barack Obama accountable for not fixing it. The Pottery Barn rule — ‘you break it, you own it’ — was given a twist tonight. Even if you weren’t the one who broke it, you own it. So it is with our broken economy. Bush broke it, but Obama, underestimating just how broken it is, owns it.”

“It was a historic session — one of the most productive since the New Deal — but in the end, it was brief,” Stein observed. “Four years after taking over Congress with the first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democrats lost control of the chamber in a devastating, wipeout election.”

And California’s Prop. 19, which sought the legalization of marijuana for all adults, was defeated by an approximate vote of 57% opposing to 42% favoring.