I didn’t realize before watching the trailer for Robert Luketic‘s Killers (Lionsgate, 6.4), a romantic action comedy with Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Hiegl, that it comes from the same concept-and-attitude seed as James Mangold ‘s Knight and Day (20th Century Fox, 6.25), a romantic action comedy with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz.

Heigl and Diaz both play 30ish spirited blondes who squeal and freak in the presence of guns and danger and squealing tires, etc. Their lives are turned upside down big-time by Kutcher and Cruise, who both play sardonic super-spy smoothies, exposing the ladies to all sorts of hair-raising, hair-trigger situations, etc. The films are presumably different in this way and that (perhaps vastly different in several ways — I haven’t seen either), but their respective trailers do suggest that they’re cut from the same cloth.