Peter Coyote has written a statement to all name actors regarding the possible SAG strike. Its has been posted on Nikki Finke‘s Deadline Hollywood Daily. The gist is an appeal to the multimillionaire set to join in solidarity with the working stiffs.
“Once an actor reaches the six or ten million dollar mark for several months work, they are financially secure for life unless they are morons or have extremely bad habits,” he writes. “By the time they’re earning 15 to 20 million, some measurable percentage of those earnings is meaningless. A major star on a film we were doing together once told me, √¢‚Ǩ≈ìHey there’s no difference between 17 and 18 million to me! My agent tells me so-and-so gets it and so should I.√¢‚Ǩ¬ù
“That ‘no difference money’ is the difference between earning a living or not for most of the rest of us. A modest return to insure the health of the entire community (the principle behind income taxes) hardly seems excessive. While this would not solve all the problems of our community, it would certainly remove much of the desperation and rancor from negotiations and make earning a living once again possible for far more of the membership. It cannot be legislated by law, only by custom, but as a custom it would lend a definite grace to our industry, and perhaps set a model that might inspire others. (Why do the words ‘corporate executives’ leap to mind?)
“You cannot grow roses without mulch. While stars represent the beautiful blooms of the industry, the soil of the industry, the medium of growth supplied by all those who surround you, is being starved for nourishment. Eventually, this lack of payback to the medium supporting all the growth will kill, if not the plant itself, at least its quality and vitality. Our industry is not secure while the majority of its players are not. To change the situation requires consciousness, solidarity, and power. We have the consciousness and solidarity. We appeal to you for help with the power.”