Politico‘s Jeff Ressner is reporting about a right-wing Obama hit doc called “Hype: The Obama Effect.” Made by conservative “provocateur and well-known Clinton antagonist” David Bossie, pic will be presented in Denver on the Sunday before the Democratic National Convention, and then come out on DVD on 9.1.
I really do think there’s something genetically different about hardcore right-wingers — something that unleashes the belligerent, territorial, selfishly guarded aspects of our nature. Like they have a genetic inheritance that hasn’t been passed along to others. Remember Lukas Haas‘s conservative-minded character in Woody Allen‘s Everybody Says I Love You (’96)? Whose political attitudes are traced at the end of the film to a small tumor in his brain that caused him to think and feel this way?
I was watching right-wing talk show guy Glenn Beck guest-host the Larry King Show last night. My God! The man is so relentlessly contentious (and in some cases willfully ignorant) about Obama-related issues and histories that he’s like some kind of animal.