HE: I hate how the Khmer Rouge has kicked me out out of what used to be lefty conversation circles. Or, you know, pushed me into sensible left-centrism by way of twitter mob action. I’ve regarded myself as a flaming lefty all my life, but no longer. Not with cancel-culture wing nuts calling the shots.

Friendo: So many people tell me they’re feeling the same way. A friend turned me on to Ben Shapiro, who’s been written off as a crazed rightie but his latest podcast episode is so good – he compiles interviews he’s had over time with Rogan, Peterson, Harris — they call it the “dark web” of independent thinkers. I don’t agree with him 100% but it’s so refreshing to hear people talk about real stuff. It’s no wonder he’s so popular.

HE: I can’t go there. Shapiro speaks frankly but is also a flat-out conservative who’s given elbow-bumps to Trump. That’s a bridge too far. Not this horse.