Drake DoremusLike Crazy, a press screening of which I blew off late yesterday afternoon to attend that cool Elizabeth Olsen dinner, sold to Paramount this morning for a reported $4 million. The price was reportedly driven up by bids from the Weinstein Company and Summit Entertainment, but Paramount ended up with worldwide rights.

My next shot at seeing Like Crazy will be late tomorrow afternoon (i.e., Monday) at the Prospector Square Cinema. I need a ticket, guys, if you can help.

Pic is about two kids riding a mad current of love, eros and separation anxiety. Jacob (Anton Yelchin) and Anna (Felicity Jones) fall head over heels while attending the same Los Angeles university, but are then separated when Anna is forced to return to London over a visa issue, and the long-distance aspect (Skype, sexting?) kicks in. Jones, I’ve been told, is the other big Sundance ’11 discovery, or being talked up as such.