The YouTube caption says this is Jeff Bridges and Colin Farrell sharing the mike at a Toby Keith concert the day before yesterday — Thursday, 9.18.08 — in Albuquerque, New Mexico, while filming a pic called Crazy Heart.

I don’t know zip except that the director-writer is Scott Cooper, and that it’s based on a 1988 Thomas Cobb novel.
The Amazon synopsis reads as follows: “Singer and guitarist Bad Blake (Bridges) was once a first-rate country-and-western star, but now he’s 57, an alcoholic, a failure at four marriages, and playing in third-rate clubs. The biggest gig he can get is opening for Tommy Sweet (Maggie Gyllenhaal) when she comes to interview him and they fall in love. Her little boy, Buddy, inspires Bad to search for his own long-lost son, but there’s no happy ending there. And when Bad, hungry for a drink, loses Jean’s son, things take a downturn, despite Bad’s fling with AA.”