Columbia and Regency Pictures have shifted Cameron Crowe‘s still-untitled film out of a previously announced December 2014 slot in favor of a 5.29.15 release. No harm, no worries, fine. Then again the announcement didn’t exactly feel like a surprise. Nobody in my circle had even mentioned it as a fall-holiday title to look forward to with any excitement. The fact that Crowe never managed to give it a title indicated…well, I don’t know exactly but title-less films always make you wonder “what’s the problem?”

The film, some kind of romantic dramedy set in with Hawaii and having to do with the Air Force and space satellites, costars Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Rachel McAdams, Danny McBride, Alec Baldwin, John Krasinski and Bill Murray. An earlier version (a cousin or a close relation) called Deep Tiki nearly went before the cameras 2009 with Ben Stiller and Reese Witherspoon costarring, but the plug was pulled in pre-production.

Columbia marketing chief Jeff Blake told TheWrap‘s Jeff Sneider that “once we saw the film, we knew it would make a perfect summer release” — got it, understood. But Blake’s follow-up statement — “the movie is Cameron at his best” — sounds like a slight diss. Crowe’s “best” used to be about a lot more than delivering warm-weather diversion. Between the time of Jerry Maguire (’96) and Almost Famous (’00) he was regarded as a world-class hyphenate and renaissance soul man who made emotionally affecting award-season films.

That eventually changed, I realize. Vanilla Sky, a psychologically dark melodrama with Tom Cruise and Penelope Cruz, was regarded as well-made but curiously bleak. Then came the calamitous Elizabethtown in ’05. And then the meh-level We Bought A Zoo in 2011.