I never buy raw animal meat at the supermarket. The only time I did was when I was married. I’ll order a nice steak at a restaurant maybe twice a year, but with mixed emotions. I’ve never killed an animal for food. Okay, I once yanked a chicken’s head off with my bare hands but that was to prove a point, and I don’t feel good about having done that. I’ll eat prepared meat dishes at parties and sample meat from the buffet room at press junkets, but otherwise I steer clear. I’m more or less a vegetarian who often eats shrimp.

John Papola‘s At The Fork is a food doc. I’ve been invited to a meet-and-greet screening at Neuhouse in midtown Manhattan on the evening of Monday, 6.26. At The Fork will apparently begin screening sometime in July. Papola has partnered with Tugg, a theatrical event platform.

Here’s what the page says: “Tugg helps cineastes attend or organize one-time screenings “for films that might not otherwise make their way to the big screen. These are crowdsourced screenings that cost the normal price of admission to each participating theater, but a minimum number of tickets need to be sold for each screening to take place. To get started, reserve your ticket for an existing event above or sign up to organize your own, help get the word out, and we will take care of the rest.”