The latest Gurus of Gold chart (dated 11.5) reflects the current reality as most of us are gauging it — Spotlight on top, The Martian second and Room in third place. Then it starts to get weird. Everyone knows Bridge of Spies is a decently made period drama that nobody is doing handstands over, not really, and yet it’s sitting in fourth place ahead of The Revenant and Joy? It’s best to wait for the final cut of David O. Russell‘s film but everyone knows for a fact (based on the most recent Revenant trailer) that Emmanuel Lubezki‘s visual delivery will blow everyone’s socks off so why play games? The worthy and well-liked Brooklyn is in seventh-place but — here’s the shocker — Steve Jobs, which has underperformed commercially and seen its stock decrease critically, is ahead of the ninth-place Carol? The latter understands the flotation of love — it’s a transporting, touchingly well-written capturing of a passionate affair in a fully immersive early ’50s milieu. People were over the moon about Carol in Cannes, and yet it can’t out-poll a movie that is understood by everyone to be something of a failure? During a Musso & Franks luncheon yesterday an older Academy guy asked me “why do you think Steve Jobs hasn’t broken through?” and I said “because it’s confining and repetitive, and because Michael Fassbender is too good at playing a dick?”