HE to Rob Garver, director of What She Said: The Art of Pauline Kael: “I saw your brilliant, deeply moving doc in Telluride in 2018, but here we are eight months later and no distribution arrangement? It seems to still be playing the festival circuit (Miami last January, Princetown and Edinburgh this summer) but I don’t understand why it isn’t available as a streaming option at this stage. I would kill to own a Bluray of your film.

“Plus now there’s a 100th anniversary celebration of Kael’s favorite films happening at the Quad (6.7 thru 6.20) and they aren’t showing your doc as part of the presentation? What’s up with that?

Critic friend: “It’s mystifying [that distribution for Garver’s film hasn’t been arranged]. People are acting like there isn’t a big enough audience for it, but documentaries come out every day that have a micro-sliver of an audience (if that). And the movie’s terrific! I was almost shocked by how good it was (given that it’s basically the story of Pauline’s writing — a tricky vantage to sustain over a whole movie).

“I’m always astounded at the hostility to Pauline that comes up in your reader comments, as if her opinions are now not worth the paper they were printed on. Jesus — the levels of male myopia. (And yes, I do think it’s a dude thing.) But as a fan, both of her and the movie, you should really beat the drum for a distributor to pick it up. I could see it playing for a month at Film Forum alone.”

And in Los Angeles at the Nuart or Westside Pavillion. And at the Castro in San Francisco. And so on. And then onto Bluray and streaming.