Tatyana was detained early yesterday evening by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection guys, simply because she struck them as detainable and harassable. Because she’s Russian-born and isn’t a U.S. citizen (although she has a green card), and because they figured “let’s get her.” They asked Tatyana to step out of the passport line and then held her for an hour or so inside a large, locked-down room with 40 or so non-American types (mostly Asian, Mexican and African).

Because this is what the border guys do — they give exotics (i.e., anyone they don’t like the look of or whose name strikes them as weird-sounding) a hard time. And this isn’t just a Trump administration thing — this apparently happened a lot during the Obama years. I did a few Google searches about detainments, and the complaints stretch back a good eight to ten years.

I repeatedly texted and called Tatyana a good seven or eight times, but they didn’t let her answer. There were several signs on the detention room wall that said “no cell phone usage”, but that’s not fair to the detainees’ loved ones…c’mon! So when she tried to very briefly give me an idea about what was happening they told her “put that phone down.” She was finally allowed to leave after 80 minutes or so. Nice operation, guys. Keep harassing those foreign types, let ’em know what for.