“For once do something good for the country, calm down your fucking loony hillbilly friends and tell them you lost the election and you’re going to help the transition. These loonies who follow you are all worked up…they think something was taken from them.” — Howard Stern‘s unsolicited advice for Donald Trump, shared during this morning’s (11.16) show.

Posted on 4.11.18: “50 years ago huge portions of this country were in love with the idea of Bobby Kennedy, the successor to the throne with the reedy voice and tousled hair and an affection for Greek poets. Even rural bumblefucks loved and admired him.

“But today the children of those legions are supporters of an animal — a corrupt, nostril-breathing, blatantly unhinged rightwing sociopath.

Paul Schrader has noted that it wasn’t just movies of the ’60s and ’70s that were better, but that moviegoers were better also. Same thing with the voters. 30% to 35% of the voters in this country (fewer?) are nihilistic and dangerous.”