I’m trusting/assuming that the late Ronni Chasen will make the Oscars’ In Memoriam montage, despite the fact that no one in Eloi-land will recognize her face. Chasen really mattered to this town, so we’ll see what the Oscar producers are made of when this segment airs. Who won’t make the cut besides Tura Santana, Zelda Rubinstein, Eddie Fisher, Corey Haim and Erich Segal? I’ll be deeply offended if they don’t include Kenneth Mars, Maury Chaykin, Maria Schneider and Ronald Neame. The locks, I’m guessing, are Tony Curtis, Dennis Hopper, Jill Clayburgh, Irvin Kershner, John Barry, Arthur Penn, Dino De Laurentiis, Susannah York, Blake Edwards, Peter Yates, Gloria Stuart, Leslie Neilsen, Sally Menke, Lena Horne, Robert Culp, Lynn Redgrave, John Forsythe, Peter Graves, Anne Francis, Claude Chabrol, Pete Postlethwaite and Patricia Neal. That’s a total of 27 including Chasen and minus the unlikely five. How many names do they usually go with?