Boogahloogahloo, muh babay…this Boston Dynamics robot video surfaced last Tuesday (12.29). As always, Hollywood Elsewhere is Johnny on the spot…five days later. How many days, weeks or months of work did it take to iron out all the dance kinks? The point, as Lt. Vincent Hanna would say, is that these guys (Boston Dynamics) are good. Most impressive robot demo ever.

YouTube comment (“Baudgaud“, early this morning): “I remember just a couple of years ago when these same automotons had horrid balance and articulation problems. I particularly enjoyed watching the bipeds fall over like a drunk doing field sobriety tests, and seeing the quads rolling forward and backward like a solid-state slinky while trying to go up and down stairs. I expected the new demo to show improvement, but this is just fantastic. Perfect song for the new generation of balance and movement tech!”