Elizabeth Wood‘s White Girl (Film Rise/Netflix, 8.26) is one of those Sundance ’16 films that I was half-taken by but didn’t review because I didn’t feel strongly enough one way or the other. Set in New York City and “loosely” based on Wood’s own experience, the selling point is a kind of Larry Clark-like focus on hot sex scenes (rooftop and nightclub fucking, an office blowjob), drugs and danger. Leah (Morgan Saylor), a newly-arrived student, is portrayed as a naive and careless fuck bunny. The story is mainly about how her involvement with a drug-dealing Latino dude from Queens (Brian Marc) gradually leads to darker and darker intrigues after he’s busted and imprisoned. She tries to save him by selling a stash of cocaine, and then hiring a savvy attorney (Chris Noth, whom she has to eventually fuck, of course). But things are never that simple. A scary fat-fuck dealer (Adrian Martinez) wants his dope back but of course Leah has to play it sloppy and stupid. She stumbles from one Fellini Satyricon situation to another. Pic is well assembled as far as it goes, and props to Saylor for showing no restraint in playing a mentally challenged protagonist. But as I watched this in the Park City Library I was telling myself “this actually isn’t bad but it’s primarily exploitation…when it opens LexG will be there with bells on.”