Because the prosecutor’s office in Shreveport, Louisiana has dropped all charges in the Josh Brolin-Jeffrey Wright bar incident that happened last July (and which was recounted by Brolin during a W. interview last fall), the cell-phone video footage has finally been released.

It’s now on TMZ. If anyone can send me an embed code, please do.

The shaky camera work is maddening, but what’s been captured is quite intense. Theatrical even. The sight of the teary-eyed Brolin and Wright embracing each other before being cuffed is quite the statement about sticking by your buddy as the wolves circle. And the shots of Brolin kneeling on the sidewalk with his head down — he’s Albert Finney-as-Martin Luther preparing to be lashed. It’s almost like Willem Dafoe‘s last scene in Platoon. Not to mention the bulls holding Wright face-down on the sidewalk and zapping him with a taser gun, and a woman shouting at the cops, “What are you doing!? Why are you doing that!?”

This really would make for a fascinating short film. Seriously. Brolin (a talented man before the camera) needs to do this.