If they could somehow convince Dave Chappelle to host the ’22 Oscar telecast, and I mean with the understanding that (a) he gets to say any damn thing he wants in the opening monologue, and (b) that there might be two or three subsequent monologues during the show, depending on what comes to mind…

If they were to do that I swear to God the show would be saved from that horrible Soderbergh after-stink that has been in the air since last April. With “I have my own way of seeing things” Chappelle hosting, most of that deranged woke shit would just fly out the window.

This morning HE commenter “LAislikenowherewrote the following: “Blacks. 13% or 14% of the population. But look for 85% representation in every award category (nominated or presenting). Because woke. Most people are right to be a bit WTF about this overcorrection. I swear this shit is fermenting more racism than existed three years ago.”

But you know what Chappelle has said about this? I don’t have the exact quote but it goes something like “400 years of black people being shit on…we’ve earned a little over-correction.” I swear that Chappelle in white sneakers and smoking a cigarette could restore the Oscar brand — all by his lonesome he could save it. They should sign him for five years straight.