Jeff is going into a screening of Public Enemies and has asked me to post his thoughts on the still-developing Michael Jackson story — Moises Chiullan.

CNN is finally going with the report by the LA Times, with TMZ having called it nearly an hour ago. As soon as it came from multiple sources that he wasn’t breathing when paramedics arrived, it was over. Who dies at age 50 if you’re fit and not Elvis Presley, or otherwise not a standard candidate for a heart attack?

Overheard just before Public Enemies screening at the Loews 84th St. today: “Peter Pan couldn’t grow old.” He would have been 51 years old on August 29th.

MTV, the cable network that owes their existence to Jackson, is only just now breaking into its regular promgramming with a Jackson tribute. This marks the first time in well over a decade that they have resembled the music video network they started out as.