HE to Immersed In Movies’ Bill Desowitz: “You wrote the other day about the new IMAX laser projection system, which was demonstrated in Los Angeles a few days ago. There’s also Dolby Vision, of course. So is the competition mainly between IMAX laser and Dolby Vision, or is it more of a three-way if you thrown in the Barco DP4K-60L laser projector? Is there an overlap here? Or is the IMAX laser projection strictly IMAX-centric with the other two duking it out in non-IMAX theatres? I’m confused.”

Desowitz back to HE: “I don’t know how Dolby and Barco differ, but IMAX stressed at the demo that their design breaks from the industry standard of using prims and xenon bulbs, which they believe sets them apart along with now filling the big screen without aspect ratio limitations (the featurette explains some of the tech). What I saw was very impressive. But yes, there appears to be three competitors. I need to find out about 60 frames from IMAX, which would allow them to show the upcoming Avatar films as well, which likely will be shown at 60 fps.”