With the new Bluray of The Grapes of Wrath obtainable on 4.3 via pre-order, it’s worth considering this three-year-old Re-Think review by the highly intelligent Jonathan Kim. I was particularly charmed by his casual mention of Teabaggers as “idiots.” Too few film reviewers are willing to step outside the movies-only realm and call a spade a spade.

I still have problems with the diner scene, which, as I mentioned five years ago and then again in ’09, is a perfect thing until the very end when Ford’s Irish sentimentality kills it. This has always been Ford’s problem, and why his films are best appreciated in limited doses. Not to mention his tendency to prod his supporting actors into over-acting and doing the “tedious eccentricity” thing — Ford’s ultimate Achilles heel. The overacting of that waitress is especially painful.