Here are six or seven tweets about Alexander Payne‘s The Descendants from late this afternoon:

#1: “The Descendants, a Hawaiian family drama about death and letting go and waking up, is deep and real and true to life.”

#2: “George Clooney‘s performance as a beleagured, soon-to-be-widowed dad is touching, real, honest. He’s immediately in Best Actor contention.”

#3: “The first Telluride showing if The Descendants just broke, and I KNOW when I’ve seen a drama that doesn’t try too hard but sinks right the fuck in.”

#4: “I for one love the abrupt, subtle tonal shifts between straight drama and whaddaya-gonna-do, throw-up-your-hands, low-key comedy. Perfect.”

#5: “I read a draft of The Descendants in which George Clooney’s comatose wife comes back from time to time and hashes things out with him.”

6:: “That’s not what happens in the film, I should immediately point out. The way the film plays the emotional cards seems just right to me.”

#7: “So Best Picture contention, Payne for Best Director, Clooney for Best Actor and Shailene Woodley, as Clooney’s older teenage daughter, really delivers also, so maybe some action for her.”