Pics from this morning’s Telluride Film Festival Patron’s Brunch, which was held on a scenic elevated pasture some 20 minutes out of town, slightly to the west of the Telluride airport. Splendid food, killer scenery, great company, gang’s all here, etc.

This guy never stops quipping, charming, posing for pictures, etc. Indefatigable smoothie. And a likely Best Actor contender, trust me, after this morning’s screening of The Descendants.

N.Y. Times critic A.O. Scott, his son Ezra.

Pina director Wim Wenders, Into The Abyss helmer Werner Herzog.

(l. to r.) N.Y. Film Festival honcho Scott Foundas, Allan Arkush, publicist Jessica Uzzan.

Albert Nobbs director Rodrigo Garcia, Glenn Close.