A beautifully written L.A. Times endorsement of Barack Obama ends with the following: “An Obama presidency would present, as a distinctly American face, a man of African descent, born in the nation’s youngest state, with a childhood spent partly in Asia, among Muslims. No public relations campaign could do more than Obama’s mere presence in the White House to defuse anti-American passion around the world, nor could any political experience surpass Obama’s life story in preparing a president to understand the American character.
“His candidacy offers Democrats the best hope of leading America into the future, and gives Californians the opportunity to cast their most exciting and consequential ballot in a generation.
“In the language of metaphor, Clinton is an essay, solid and reasoned; Obama is a poem, lyric and filled with possibility. Clinton would be a valuable and competent executive, but Obama matches her in substance and adds something that the nation has been missing far too long — a sense of aspiration.”
Screenwriter Larry Karaszewski, a Clinton supporter, put it another way last night at last night’s post-debate party. Obama’s rhetoric is “the kind of material — and it’s very good — that we all try to write for third acts. You’ve been to test screenings and you know that the dialogue that makes them cry always scores well. And Obama’s stuff is always uplifting…it touches the heart.”