Did ya read that Todd McCarthy review of Shark Tale? Whoa. “The fish aren’t fresh,” he begins in his Toronto Film Festival review. “It has [recently] seemed all but impossible to miss with underwater cartoon fare, but DreamWorks’ latest in-house animated effort finds a way to do just that by basing almost all its ideas on old movies. The odor around this one will result in the wrong kind of b.o. for what was obviously intended as a blockbuster follow-up to the studio’s summer smash Shrek 2.” Will Smith’s lead character, a “hyper-active, jive-talking hustler” named Oscar “proves a tiresomely familiar figure,” he adds. The most amusing voice-actor in the whole enterprise, says McCarthy, is director Martin Scorsese, who “machine-guns his dialogue and whose puffer fish is even drawn with the director’s trademark thick eyebrows.”