Imagine sitting in a theatre and laughing in a half-chuckling, half-hysterical way. And mulling over some basic tenets of eastern mysticism at the same time. And also feeling amazed and throttled by the most relentlessly verbal machine-gun Hollywood comedy since His Girl Friday. And also doing that outboard-motor thing against your lower lip with your right index and middle fingers and going, “Bee, bee, bee, bee, bee…” To say that I loved I Heart Huckabee’s (Fox Searchlight, 10.1) is putting it inadequately. I did love it, yes, but it also freaked me out a tiny bit. About 15 or 20 minutes in, I was feeling relief that I don’t get high any more, because if I was stoned I might have been shifting around in my seat with my palms getting sweaty and going, “Whoa…uh-oh…oh, wow.” Huckabee’s is easily one of the biggest whack-job, out-there films ever distributed by a big studio. “The whole thing is an existential meditation,” Russell told the New York Times. You will go into this movie as one person, and come out a little less constrained, a little more free. In the final analysis any movie that makes you want to find spiritual clarity or satori is, I think, a pretty good thing. Or don’t you agree?