Didn’t make it to Monday’s all-media screening of Adam Sandler‘s Click, but a knowledgable industry friend did, and here’s his verdict: “It’s okay but not that great. I don’t know what to make of the audience reaction because these screenings are so heavily recruited with people off the street, but there wasn’t overwhelming laughter in the press section. It’s a typical downmarket Sandler movie, the kind he does when he’s not being directed by Paul Thomas Anderson or Mike Binder or James L. Brooks. He’s got complete control and his team putting it all together — director Frank Coraci, producer Jack Giarraputo — so it has that mix of over-the-top comedy (Sandler never knows when to stop with this) and schmaltz…broad gross-out comedy that turns on a dime into sentimental slop. Amd I’m sure he and his team and Columbia will be rewarded with great success for this. It’s always interesting to see what Sandler comes up with on his own. This is a competently made film, and Corachi is one of his stable of directors that he hires, and the studio doesn’t want to tell him anything different because he’s so successful. It’s basically about what would you learn if you fast-forwarded through your life, and he definitely lays it on during the last half hour, especially with the prosthetics. It’s a little bit like Ebenezer Scrooge being shown what’s to come by the Ghost of Christmas Future. You laugh at certain parts, but it’s more of a short-film premise than a feature — after a half hour or so it starts to wear down. There’s no even tone throughout this picture…it’s all over the place. And the product placement stuff on behalf of Bed, Bath and Beyond is unbelievable. ”