“[Disney distribution execs] originally expected that Cars would only start to fade once Adam Sandler‘s Click opened in theaters this coming Friday. That teens and young adults would favor that film over ours. But that was okay because we’d still pretty much have the family audience all to ourselves until Superman Returns opened five days later. But to have ticket sales fall off by 43% in our second weekend and to almost lose the top spot to a Jack Black wrestling comedy …nobody here ever saw that coming. This was a film that was initially projected to do over $300 million domestic. Last week, that number got pushed back to $250 million. Today, I’ve got people asking me if I think Cars is actually going to be able to make it to $200 million domestic. And right now, to be honest, I don’t know. I’m hoping that Cars can pull in another $50 or $60 million by next Wednesday. But after Superman Returns opens, we’re officially toast. With Dead Man’s Chest opening 9 days after that, there’s no way that Cars is going to do any significant repeat business this summer. This time around, the competition is just too strong.” — a Disney insider talking to Jim Hill in his “Mousewatch” column.