HE instructions to Midnight Rider crew before attempting to “steal” train-trestle shot: “As you guys know we don’t have a production assistant five miles down the track to call and give us a warning if a train appears so if and when a train is suddenly heading in our direction we’ll only have a few seconds to clear the track. I presume I don’t have to tell you guys that priority #1 is saving the hospital bed. Obviously that doesn’t mean throwing it over the side if we hear a train horn. That bed is an expensive rental so I want it handled with care. And don’t chicken out and run to save your own skins. Be professionals and save the bed.”

Edited comments from YouTube thread, posted recently: (1) “They had like 5 feet left to go and couldn’t make it? I might be poor but I’m not stupid. My poor Mexican ass would have been bookin’ it. Shit, I would have probably kicked off my shoes to gain more speed. Only rich white kids [would] try to save the hospital bed they rented!” — Ram Berto. (2) “Fuck the props, for godsake!” — Mogernaut. “I cannot believe they try to get the bed off the tracks above attempting to save the crew. ” — Thomas Hole.