It has presumably occurred to Dennis Rodman that his 2013 romp-around with Kim Jong-Un in North Korea was the inspiration for James Franco‘s “Dave Skylark” character in The Interview. I’m presuming this isn’t discussed in Colin Offland and Matt Baker‘s Dennis Rodman’s Big Bang In Pyongyang, which will play at Slamdance on Sunday, 1.25. It’s abundantly clear from this trailer that Rodman, who reportedly will not be traveling to Park City to promote the doc, isn’t dealing from a full deck. Somewhat like Skylark, Rodman has claimed he didn’t know that the North Korean dictator had ordered certain atrocities, and has said fairly recently that he intends to return to North Korea and do some more hanging’ with his homie. “I’m not Martin Luther King…if someone wanted to shoot me, please, do it today.” Now, at least, there’s something I want to see at Slamdance.