Tyson director James Toback, Mike Tyson, Sony Pictures Classics co-chief Michael Barker at last night’s dinner at Park City’s Bon Appetit in honor of the forthcoming Sony Classics release — Saturday, 1.17.09, 10:55 pm.

Ran into, spoke briefly with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger and keyboardist Ray Manzarek yesterday afternoon at the Yarrow hotel. They were on their way out to the Temple theatre for a screening of Tom DeCillo’s When You’re Strange, the Doors doc that I reviewed on Thursday.

Saturday, 1.17.09. 11:50 pm

Starworks exec Allison Oleskey, snapped yesterday in Yarrow hotel lobby. Medieval-style head warmer by Thomas Wylde, designed by Paula Thomas, available at Maxfields in LA. Alternate rear view

Saturday, 1.17.09. 11:45 pm

A Sundance “pigfuck” is defined as any loud overcrowded party with even more people gathered at the front door looking to get in. For some it’s a point of pride to never attempt entrance to such an event. Okay, for me it is.