This morning’s Golden Globe nominations need to address — symbolically correct or balance out — some of the omissions in the awards handed out by the New York Film Critics Circle and the Los Angeles Film Critics Association, and in the nominations announced by the Broadcast Film Critics Association.

I’ve Loved You So Long‘s Kristin Scott Thomas has to be nominated for Best Actress, or else. Kate Winslet has be nominated in that same category for her work in Revolutionary Road, or her candidacy is in very serious trouble. The great Michael Shannon, the live-wire prophet of Revolutionary Road, has to be nominated or Best Supporting Actor or a shouting, torch-carrying mob will congregate outside Hollywood Foreign Press headquarters this evening.

If Josh Brolin is honored by the Globers for his Milk supporting performance as the homicidal Dan White (for which he’s already won trophies from the NYFCC and LAFCA), he’s all but locked to be nominated by the Academy as well. Not just for Milk, I believe, but also for his brilliant and ultimately sympathetic turn as our current president in W.

What other omissions, shortcomings or political teeter-totterers need to be addressed?

I’ve always expressed measured admiration and whole-hog respect for Sally Hawkins ‘ spirited performance in Happy Go Lucky. I’m just asking (and I think it’s fair to at least ask this) — shouldn’t the fact that her Poppy character is infuriating to so many of us (i.e., people with my approximate attitudes and prejudices) be a factor in determining award-worthiness?

The HE mantra isn’t “stop Sally Hawkins” — it’s “love and admire Hawkins, loathe and despise Poppy” (except for the final goodbye scene with Eddie Marsan and the follow-up scene in the rowboat on the lake, which are quite astounding).