During this afternoon’s Django Unchanged panel at Comic-Con, Quentin Tarantino explained what Empire‘s James White calls an “intriguing link” between Jamie Foxx‘s Django and ’70s blaxploitation cinema. According to QT, Broomhilda Von Shaft (Kerry Washington) and Django “will eventually have a baby, and that baby will have a baby…and then John Shaft will be born! Our hero and heroine are the Great, Great, Great Grandparents of Shaft.”

If John Shaft, who was around 30 in 1972, was born in 1940 or thereabouts, then his dad was born around 1915 or so, and Shaft’s grandfather would have been born, say, around 1885 or 1890, and his great-grandfather was born around 1860 or 1865. His great-great grandfather could have been born in in 1835 or 1840, and his great-great-great grandfather — the son of Django and Broomihilda, according to Tarantino — would have been born around 1815 or 1820. Isn’t Django Unchained set sometime just before the Civl War, or in the 1850s? Or have I got that wrong?