Some wacko started shooting people inside Terminal #3 at LAX around 9:30 this morning. 10 or 15 “very loud” shots, some guy is reporting. TSA agent killed; “multiple injuries.” The young, black-clad shooter was reportedly carrying an AR-15, and has since been cuffed. Obviously a terrible trauma and tragedy, but when something like this happens the reaction by law enforcement and security officials is always the same. Shut everything down, ground all flights, explode everyone’s travel plans to pieces and bring the entire Los Angeles air-travel world (even Burbank and Long Beach airports have reportedly gotten into the act) to an all-but-absolute standstill. The motto seems to me “somebody shot somebody? Well, guess what, public? You’re going to pay for this. We’re bureaucratically obliged to treat this shooting by a lone psychopath as the spearhead of some kind of coordinated terrorist attack…sorry but we have to think this way…and so we’re going to waste your travel plans. Trust us, the pain starts now.”