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Phase 2 of Domino FM’s Kickstarter campaign begins today. The brainchild of Jett Wells, Domino FM is a Spotify-related one-stop-shopping app that, like Jeff Lebowski‘s Persian rug, really ties the world of music together. No single music service — Spotify, Soundcloud, Vevo, YouTube, Bandcamp — supplies all the music and the service (reviews, related links, histories…the whole background magillah of each and every worthwhile band) in one unified package. Domino FM is the first app to actually do this. A lot of apps provide just the music or just great service without all the music…solution! Domino FM is some kind of benevolent soul-daddy, soul-mama music spider with 100,000 legs and fingers. The Kickstarter campaign launched last Thursday. The goal is $21K. All HE loyalists are hereby requested to think it over and maybe toss a few spare bills into the pot…whatever works. The new guys are making their world.